Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Why people has become so rude..felt so pathetic today

I hate when good people change into bad people. When I say good people either they had been bad but still I understood them as good people. Atleast that is how i made up my mind.

People have become so selfish, criticize other people, blame other people for nothing, may be they get some pleasure by scolding others, may be they think it is how they think they can be heard by the society and make a name. How pathetic. Don't they know they also die no matter what in no time.. just for the few years we live why these people behave as if they will live forever and undercut people, hate people & act selfish and do harm for others. Just to get a 1 second time save people are not bothered to put their lives in disaster when on roads.. what has happened to this people.. what race they are in..? I never thought i will face this situation at the current working place.

Do they know at least the basics of the Buddhism. If they follow the basic rules of life and simple truth of Buddhism how wonderful Sri Lanka would be.

How to complain regarding contaminated or unhygienic food in Sri Lanka

Call on the hotline, 2676161

Please do take the effort and time to make the complain if you experience this as it helps to establish the standards of the food we pay in long term.