Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Savoy 3D experience with just released movie Ice Age 4- Continental drift

Ice Age - 4, in other words continental drift was released in USA on 13th July. Years back we had to wait months until we get that in Sri Lanka. But those days are gone and sometimes you get to view the movie on the same day it is released.

Ice Age is a 2002 American computer-animated adventure comedy film created by Blue Sky Studios . The film got lot of positive reviews and was a box office success, starting a series with three sequels, Ice Age: The Meltdown, Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, and Ice Age: Continental Drift.

Savoy at Colombo 6 has been upgraded into a 3D theater and re-opened on 26th July and the 1st 3D movie that they show is Ice Age 4. When EAP opened Savoy after a huge renovation in early 2003 or somewhere me and my hubby(BF at that time)used to watch all the movies that they showed until we got our little one delivered which was a life changing thing. 

Back to the film..  In just 3 words. Good, over the expectations!!
The graphics, sounds and the story was good and my 6 year old little one enjoyed it full though the 3 D glasses were bit too large and she thought it as a hassle to wear. For me it was real 3D experience. The last time I watched a 3D documentary in Hartford, CT at the aquarium in year 2004 and by then 3D technology has come a long way. I heard some comments saying the 3D at Savoy has an issue and not good. But for me i did n't observe anything as such and it was a really good movie and an experience.

Turtle Hatchery at Hikkaduwa.. Nice experience

On our way to Hikkaduwa Chaya Tranz we went to see the turtle hatchery and it was a nice little experience for me and mosty to my little one who stared at the 1 day old baby turtles and their behaviors for a very long time. It had different varietities of turtles and the person explains how they differ and all that.
<1 day old turtle babies>
The place is small but it had all the information one needs to know about turtles and the guide person knows a lot by his experience with Turtles.. They have turtles who has lost their eyes/hands/legs from the 2004 Tsunami. The entrance ticket to the place was just SLR 40./= and well worth to visit.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Colombo Court yard..newly opened boutique hotel

They opened very recently in Colombo and all the past years when I passed this location it was a torn down building and i thought to myself it is just in vain and a waste to have this building in the middle of Colombo without any use.. and after some time it turned into a beautiful serene location called "Colombo Courtyard". I am been a loyal heavy user of Google  i googled for it and found their appealing website though it misses the menu and finer details.

As as usual as a foodie wanted to try out this new place and went their 3 times for the last few months. I would say its interior and exterior looked good but the food was average. It is a nice place to have a meal peacefully in the huzzle and buzzle busy Colombo. But the food was nothing special.
Once I tried Penne with Pesto, and the other day tried brown bread club sandwiches and the last day it was just an appetizer of grilled vegetables in Olive oil.

I was able to get a pic of the appetizer. The vegetables were not perfectly grilled and too much of olive oil was poured on to the dish. The veges were more or less boiled rather grilled, see the color of the green bell paper.. boiled too much or cooked in low heat for a longer time and the color is not preserved and the crunchiness was gone. So I would say the chefs need a lot of seasoning and  much care on what they cook.. Obviously I am not a chef and have not learnt on How To Cook anywhere.. (But i have been commended by my friends as a good cook)..but I can critic on the taste of food and presentation. (LOL)