Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Avoid "Family Dental" at Colombo 3 for any reason

To say loud and open about my opinion about "Family Dental" at Colombo 3 (In front of Holcim Building) I have no hesitation as it was the worst ever experience i had in my life at a dental. So as my parents..

- Their consultation fee was 5000 SLR.. The highest i have paid is 2000 and that was also for a specialist who are like very important to meet and very rare in Sri Lanka..But paying 5000 SLR for a dental doctor at a stingy place and actually for nothing is ridiculous.. absurd.. what else.. :(

- They filled 2 teeth and charged for 4 teeth.. it was very clear but they didn't put a break down in the bill.. when I inquired they were not sure to give the details of the break down and i was asked to come after some time to provide the break down details..  The cost for those services was 19,000 SLR. :(

- My little one had a cavity and they have filled a wrong teeth instead the one that they should fill..

Pathetic that doctors are at this level of behavior and has no dignity at all!! Disgusting!

A place that everyone should protest definitely.

Gelato.. Dessert Recipe that cannot go wrong

I read this recipe from daily mirror newspaper ..

Liked the recipe for many reasons...
- Its healthy
- I like the fruits and fruty taste
- Super easy to make
- Less ingredients to worry
- Super quick
- Its sweet
- most of all it cannot go wrong!!

So here is how to make it..

This is an easy dessert called Gelato.
1.  Cut up 2 or 3 bananas, and 2 mangoes.
2.  Place in a canister, and put into the deep freeze for at last 2 hours, or possibly more.
3.  Empty into the blender with 2 small cartons yoghurt  and blend. Serve immediately. Or, it could be re-frozen and served as an ice cream, or used to fill wafer cones. :)