Thursday, June 28, 2012

Electric trains in Sri Lanka... Not in dreams?

The Railway Department has decided to commence electric train services in the country within the next two years.

It was a shocking good news if so. Of course as in the other projects this will also make some politioans and their families and there generations a billionares and we will end up paying the cost. But I am happy atleast the infrastructure is getting better. Sri Lanka been a small island still it takes so many hours to go from one place to the other due to lack of good train service. So i welcome this move.

Exporail is also a one good move though it is run by a private company within the government trains. and good that they have online booking.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

2012.. Half of the year gone and Mayan's predictions

Where did the year go? Suddenly it is end of May in 2012...half the year is gone. ..again and we realize that with giant strides we started in January and within a blink of an eye, it is over !
When a year comes to an end normally we look back of the past year and we tell to ourselves a brand new year is starting and I am going to be this New person from 1st of January and all of that. (Overnight transformation to a whole new thinking and a brand new creature)

Most of the times from What I told myself to be.. I never achieved what i thought.. If I achieved what i thought to myself sometime I may not spending my time in front of my computer and writing a lousy blog like this.
But for good or bad I am still here.
Probably when I achieve all my dreams, resolutions and all that and one day when I become rich i might do something different..So for now I am not! and...... I love writing what I feel, what I like what i think would at least useful for a single person or even make that persons day!

Like most of us when year 2012 dawned it brought me back the memories of the movie 2012. Would it be the end of the world this year as in the movie?
So everyone wished to go wrong the Mayan's predictions.

Out of the 2012 end of world disaster feeling still people hope that they can achieve their resolutions this year which they could not achieve for many many years.. I am no exception. :)

The only difference i made this year to my old set of resolution is to add a few more (Hilarious.. You are adding more to your backlog even when you have not completed what you already had... Interesting ..huh?) and I made a document with all my resolutions.  and showed it to my best friend..

For few months it went well.. I was going in the right directions.. Simply because I wrote them down and and had a plan and also I exposed my resolutions to my friends so that I sort of had to stick to what i plan..may be because my ego that I didn't want to be a person who cant stick to her own plan.

BUT honestly I am not doing perfectly as i wanted on the 1st of January. But I am not doing as bad as I did last few years..  So I am not that unhappy.. I have 6 more months and on 31st December I am going to write how well/bad I achieved my resolutions.. (The honest and naked truth I mean.)

Did I say what my resolutions are.. I have 10 resolutions and will write about each on the resolutions review on 31st December. That will be my 1st post in 2013. Yay.......!

Green Roti..Sounds scary ...?

I had a sort of a big Karapincha tree in my back yard. And one day Suhi was playing and making a scare crow that she saw in her grade 1 sinhala reading book. For the scare crow's hands she needed some sticks and wanted me to cut the sticks from the karapincha tree. I was happy on her idea of making a scarecrow than wasting time in front of the laptop watching movies.So I cut the small branches to give the sticks to make hands of the scare crow.
She made a nice scare crow with a broken broom stick, Karapincha stick,card board box and an old pijama bottom.
One strange thing is that the squirrels and birds who usually coming to our back yard earlier didn't come after the scare crow.
So then after cutting the karapincha sticks i end up having a big bowl of Karapincha leaves.
What shall i do with this? Keep it in the fridge and use ? Why should I? When I can use the freshest leaves handpicked from the tree.
So then my inner interest of experimenting with food came out.And it came out nice, yummy and Healthy. You try it for yourself and guaranteed it is worth!

Karapincha Roti:
  3 cups of flour
  3 cups of karapincha leaves
  1.5 cup of scraped coconut
  1/2 tea spoon of salt
  1 cup of onions chopped
  1 green chille chopped
  2 cloves of garlic chopped

1. )Put the karapincha leaves, red onion, garlic, green chile in the food chopper and switch on the blender for few seconds
2.)Now mix the flour, salt, scraped coconut
3.) Add the chopped mixture with the flour mixture and make a non sticky dough
If its too dry add a little water. If its sticky and watery add a litttle flour.
4.) Use a rolling pin and roll it on a board.
Cut different shapes as you like
5.) Heat a pan and sprinkle some oil
when the pan is hot add the roti and cook both sides for 2-3 minutes(Until you get the full surface light brown)

Ready to eat, Serve hot!!
See how it came out mine.

Karapincha a is a very healthy herb that helps your body metabolism, reduce cholesterol. With this recipe you consume a large portion of Karapincha without any difficulty.

Yummolishes food and royal treat at CASA, A must try in Colombo

CASA Colombo has won many travelers awards consecutively for 2011, TripAdviser awards, 2012, World luxury hotel awards 2012 and many other and i never thought to try it out as it sounded as if very very expensive.
CASA Colombo is famous as a retro style luxury boutique hotel located in the heart of the busy Colombo yet in a very serene location. It is some hundreds of years old mansion which has nicely redesigned and excellent interior. (Source of all interior photos:

It has  a pink pool and it looks gorgeous at night with the elegant lighting. It could be the one and only pink pool in the whole world, At least I have never heard of any so far.

Imagine the sun bathing in the noon and reading your favorite book while sipping a tropical chilled orange juice on those glassy and chicy tops. Of course i am blessed with sun the 365 days and I would rather like to relax in the evening here with lights and listen to a soothing music while drinking a chilled EGB. (EGB is a original recipe since 1896 and its taste is unique and one of the best soft drinks i ever had.)

And the best part is the food. I have been here for 5 times and I have tried different dishes as I was sure that everything will be good. The appetizers they give are unique Sri Lankan style roast bread with lunu miris and Mint dip and they are so heavenly.
And the dishes come with a little presentation and at a glance when the food arrives you feel like oh my god it looks delicious, but looks small portion quantity. ( Honestly i felt so) But dig in and see,, its just that they pack the stuff nicely and it has a big quantity. So never worry from your first sight. (See what I had, Lucky that I take my camera in my bag, but forgot to adjust the date)
 The Sri Lankan style roasted bread with lunu miris and Mint sauce with scraped Coconut
 The zipped meal that preserves the hot.
 After unzipping the above, The quantity looks good right?
 Grilled meat on top of creamy mashed potatoes
Mouth watering dessert, White chocolate and divine creamy ice cream dessert with chocolate sauce. This is a must try!

I said I thought the place is expensive right. But I am been a just average person i say the place is not expensive and value for money. You can have a decent meal for 10$.


All this time i was writing food critics in trip advicer and thought to add it to my blog so that anyone who is planning to go these places will have an idea in terms of ambiance,location, menu, price and service. And top of all taste. :)

Last week I went to Sakura Japanese restaurant. One of my office friend gave us his Birthday treat at Sakura.
Trip adviser had both negative and positive feedback. nothing was extream feedback on either side.
So i guess reviews actually helps.

So this is how it looks outside. Indeed it needs a big revamp. At the outset it is just an old run down place. Not even painted for the last twenty years or so.

And they have displayed the food items and their names which makes our lives easy which otherwise would be a tough task for non Japanese.

And the service persons at Sakura were helpful for selecting dishes and providing forks by looking at the way we use chopsticks. But I would say we were not bad even we made a laugh on it at each other.

The sitting arrangements makes you feel like you are in a Japanese restaurant. But not the Japanese way of sitting on the cushion.
And then the most important thing .. food. Food was average portions. Not too big or not too small.
We ordered Maki sushi. I am been a vegetarian I ate Maki sushi made out of cucumber and rice. (Sushi is rolls of raw fish or vegetable and rice wrapped in seaweed and cut into bite-sized rounds) 

The way to eat your sushi....
- Take a small amount of soya sauce to the small dish that they provide for each of you 
- Mix a small amount of wasabi with the soy sauce, Wasabi is a A strong, spicy green horseradish-like condiment, So be careful. Its so strong.So when i say a very little.. it is indeed a very very little. :D
- You can hold sushi with either chopsticks or your fingers.
- Dip sushi into the soy sauce.

Tip:Nigiri sushi(Sushi with fish, prawns or crab) should be dipped into the soy sauce fish side down. This keeps the rice from getting too wet and falling apart. Depending on the size of the piece it can be eaten one to three bites. Maki sushi should be dipped seaweed side down.

Also there is a common myth among non Japanese (Including me some years back) that sushi is eating raw fish. There are types of sushi that are made with cooked seafood or feature vegetables or even cooked egg.

And we ordered different dishes for the main meal. Some ordered Udon noodles(Thick, wide wheat noodles), some ordered teriyaki(sweetened soy sauce) chicken and Japanese sticky rice and some grilled fish with Soya sauce and herbs.
Unfortunately the most of the dishes are over by the time I remembered to take photographs. (Apologies pls...) 

But my curiosity for Japanese food is grown so hopefully I am going to try out another Japanese restaurant very soon and i will keep in mind not to jump and eat before taking photos. :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Best 10 islands to visit worldwide... Amazing!!

As a senior contributor in I am getting amazing news about the whole world. I get a chance to answer the questions raised by other end of the world and review the places I visit or eat and share the good and bad experiences hoping it would help many people like me. It has become a habit for me to read the reviews in Tripadviser before trying out a new restarunt or a hotel or even a place.  I am  planning a trip to Dubai next and gathered a lot of information from there.. Am I sound like too conservative and too much of trying to be perfect or get perfect... Well answer is No and i am not that sorta person before and even now. But I have to now as i dont want to ruin a family time with my little girl.

Coming back to what i wanted to tell.....So today morning i saw this link sent to me from TripAdviser on the " World best top 10 islands must see"
And i went through each one by one and looking at the breathtaking pictures of those islands thinking to myself that one fine day when I become really really rich i am going to go at least one of these..
I scroll down 1, after the other and here comes the surprise...

Sri Lanka Photos

This photo of Sri Lanka is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Sri Lanka at number 6... Amazing and I born there and live there...
Is n't it amazing. I dont need to wait until i become a grandma and earn money to visit one of those islands i thought before. Its awesome I am living here.

Proud to be Sri Lankan!!!!

Sometime I hate myself…!!

Why am I this much lazy.. Why I still like that few minutes sleep after switching off the alarm.. regardless it is still not a good sleep and just closing my eye.. The simple truth is that I am intolerably lazy.
But why… even after being a wife..after being a mom.. very very bad.. yes I am saying to me..

I did n't have time to feed a good meal for my daughter today even knowing the best meal should be the breakfast and that she will need a lot of calories for her school work and dancing and all those activities at school. And on  top of me and my laziness to wake up in the morning the car gave trouble and not started. (God you punished me right on time)
Had to walk to the main road with the poor kid who has no clue and get a tuk tuk. And lot of pressure in my mind a heart drumming so faster and looking at the watch hundreds time until i reach school had a trauma time. And finally ended up at the school gate just 1 minute after closing the gate at 7.30.
Too much for a day. :(