Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Another new year started today..Year 2013

The world was supposed to be over with 2012.. based on Mayan's predictions and several other mythical people who tried to famous by making notorious talks.
So 2012 also passed as yet another year.. and 2013 here we are are today celebrating with all the fire crackers, milks rice and everything as usual.

Last year was planned well in advance and I had several resolutions as well which i nicely written down... and shared with my family too..which then it makes me and force me to stick to my plans. . I see lot of bloggers and even lot of Facebook updates say .. they had to carry forward all the same old resolutions and none did work out.. In my case i had 10 resolutions and i at least covered 6 in full and another 2 half way and 2 could not.. So it makes me really happy that i could stick to (mostly) what i had planned. And passed ISTQB exam in December just cramming for 1.5 days which was not planned at it was bonus.
This year ... for some reason i still could not make any such yet...But i  guess i am not still late.. So let me think and nicely put it into words that gives me that drive to achieve those....

Probably my next post would be on what my resolutions are for year 2013!!!!

I wonder will there be anyone who would like to share their resolutions with me. :D

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