Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Semondu - fusion from the sky...

Semondu @ Dutch shopping complex Colombo, Sri Lankan Airlines' signature dining has been brought down from 30,000 feet in the sky, to the heart of Colombo city, offering diners an exclusive restaurant ‘Semondu'... A must try!!!
I remember once a daily-mirror author said "They are a level above others at the Dutch Hospital- literally, for the restaurant stands on a raised floor. With a classy glassy elevation as a point of departure, embark on delicious discoveries"
 We went for a dinner at Dutch shopping complex last week and this time wanted to have a better dinner as I was not so happy with the dinner served at Colombo Fort Cafe which was just usual stull with small portions and not so cheerful staff and late arrival of meals.

So this time carefully checked on the menu at few other options and finally selected Semondu which I am delighted we did so. The ambience was so good and attentive. The floor was unique where the colour of the glass floor changes for your feet motions into different colors such as blue red and green.

Ok forget about the colours.. lets talk about the food. The drinks were reasonably priced and big in size, the Semondu splendid i ordered was pretty cool and nice. The complimentary bread, herb butter and aromatic flavored hot olive oil went well with the bread. The appetizers were large than we expected and it had the right texture of everything and the staff was knowledgeable on the content. The main meal presentation and the aroma was too good that we knew the food was brilliant even before eating. The skewers, and my vegetarian Dhingri mattar which is a combination of green peas, paneer, fresh mushroom and cashew nut smothered in creamy curry sauce, steam cashew rice and accompaniments super super yummy and even though i am full i didn't want to leave out anything left.
 I wish i had enough patience to take a photo of my nicely presented dish. Surely next time.. Because I am sure i am gonna go there again!!

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