Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Second visit to Sakura after 6 months.. Chopsticks again!!

Last time i tried using chopsticks but was too hungry and started using forks for the main meal. (See a little basic knowledge on Japanese cuisine on my 1st visit to Sakura restaurant here)This time I thought i am gonna learn the chopsticks way no matter how hard its going to be. And at the end it was not hard as i thought and infact the whole rice bowl finished with the 2 little cute sticks. :)

Last time i forgot taking photoes of the food we tried out and this time took just 2 photoes of what we had.

The sushi were  reasonably priced than most of the other Japanese restaurants in Colombo and the portions are quite big. The wasabi at Hilton had better taste than Sakura though.I am not a big fan of seaweed and i have never seen the fusion Japanese in Sri Lanka where the seaweed is replaced with other wraps.

I had a Tomago Don where as Tomago means Eggs in Japanese. Luckily the egg didn't come in watery way but cooked with leeks and some herbs. The meal was good but not hot as i expected. Japanese food is tasty when its eaten hot. And the Tomago Don is not a dish that looks so attractive due to the nature of the ingrediennts and looks brown becuae of the soya sauce used on the eggs. However i have seen some restaurants sprinkle a little cilantro to make it look nice. That presentation element is lacking in almost all the dishes at Sakura.

The Tomago Don was Rs 560/=  +Taxes. The prices were ok. The place still has that run down look and do n't think they will ever bother to make it look nice.

Probably i might try another Japanese joint next time.

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