Tuesday, June 26, 2012


All this time i was writing food critics in trip advicer and thought to add it to my blog so that anyone who is planning to go these places will have an idea in terms of ambiance,location, menu, price and service. And top of all taste. :)

Last week I went to Sakura Japanese restaurant. One of my office friend gave us his Birthday treat at Sakura.
Trip adviser had both negative and positive feedback. nothing was extream feedback on either side.
So i guess reviews actually helps.

So this is how it looks outside. Indeed it needs a big revamp. At the outset it is just an old run down place. Not even painted for the last twenty years or so.

And they have displayed the food items and their names which makes our lives easy which otherwise would be a tough task for non Japanese.

And the service persons at Sakura were helpful for selecting dishes and providing forks by looking at the way we use chopsticks. But I would say we were not bad even we made a laugh on it at each other.

The sitting arrangements makes you feel like you are in a Japanese restaurant. But not the Japanese way of sitting on the cushion.
And then the most important thing .. food. Food was average portions. Not too big or not too small.
We ordered Maki sushi. I am been a vegetarian I ate Maki sushi made out of cucumber and rice. (Sushi is rolls of raw fish or vegetable and rice wrapped in seaweed and cut into bite-sized rounds) 

The way to eat your sushi....
- Take a small amount of soya sauce to the small dish that they provide for each of you 
- Mix a small amount of wasabi with the soy sauce, Wasabi is a A strong, spicy green horseradish-like condiment, So be careful. Its so strong.So when i say a very little.. it is indeed a very very little. :D
- You can hold sushi with either chopsticks or your fingers.
- Dip sushi into the soy sauce.

Tip:Nigiri sushi(Sushi with fish, prawns or crab) should be dipped into the soy sauce fish side down. This keeps the rice from getting too wet and falling apart. Depending on the size of the piece it can be eaten one to three bites. Maki sushi should be dipped seaweed side down.

Also there is a common myth among non Japanese (Including me some years back) that sushi is eating raw fish. There are types of sushi that are made with cooked seafood or feature vegetables or even cooked egg.

And we ordered different dishes for the main meal. Some ordered Udon noodles(Thick, wide wheat noodles), some ordered teriyaki(sweetened soy sauce) chicken and Japanese sticky rice and some grilled fish with Soya sauce and herbs.
Unfortunately the most of the dishes are over by the time I remembered to take photographs. (Apologies pls...) 

But my curiosity for Japanese food is grown so hopefully I am going to try out another Japanese restaurant very soon and i will keep in mind not to jump and eat before taking photos. :)

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