Tuesday, June 26, 2012

2012.. Half of the year gone and Mayan's predictions

Where did the year go? Suddenly it is end of May in 2012...half the year is gone. ..again and we realize that with giant strides we started in January and within a blink of an eye, it is over !
When a year comes to an end normally we look back of the past year and we tell to ourselves a brand new year is starting and I am going to be this New person from 1st of January and all of that. (Overnight transformation to a whole new thinking and a brand new creature)

Most of the times from What I told myself to be.. I never achieved what i thought.. If I achieved what i thought to myself sometime I may not spending my time in front of my computer and writing a lousy blog like this.
But for good or bad I am still here.
Probably when I achieve all my dreams, resolutions and all that and one day when I become rich i might do something different..So for now I am not! and...... I love writing what I feel, what I like what i think would at least useful for a single person or even make that persons day!

Like most of us when year 2012 dawned it brought me back the memories of the movie 2012. Would it be the end of the world this year as in the movie?
So everyone wished to go wrong the Mayan's predictions.

Out of the 2012 end of world disaster feeling still people hope that they can achieve their resolutions this year which they could not achieve for many many years.. I am no exception. :)

The only difference i made this year to my old set of resolution is to add a few more (Hilarious.. You are adding more to your backlog even when you have not completed what you already had... Interesting ..huh?) and I made a document with all my resolutions.  and showed it to my best friend..

For few months it went well.. I was going in the right directions.. Simply because I wrote them down and and had a plan and also I exposed my resolutions to my friends so that I sort of had to stick to what i plan..may be because my ego that I didn't want to be a person who cant stick to her own plan.

BUT honestly I am not doing perfectly as i wanted on the 1st of January. But I am not doing as bad as I did last few years..  So I am not that unhappy.. I have 6 more months and on 31st December I am going to write how well/bad I achieved my resolutions.. (The honest and naked truth I mean.)

Did I say what my resolutions are.. I have 10 resolutions and will write about each on the resolutions review on 31st December. That will be my 1st post in 2013. Yay.......!

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