Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sometime I hate myself…!!

Why am I this much lazy.. Why I still like that few minutes sleep after switching off the alarm.. regardless it is still not a good sleep and just closing my eye.. The simple truth is that I am intolerably lazy.
But why… even after being a wife..after being a mom.. very very bad.. yes I am saying to me..

I did n't have time to feed a good meal for my daughter today even knowing the best meal should be the breakfast and that she will need a lot of calories for her school work and dancing and all those activities at school. And on  top of me and my laziness to wake up in the morning the car gave trouble and not started. (God you punished me right on time)
Had to walk to the main road with the poor kid who has no clue and get a tuk tuk. And lot of pressure in my mind a heart drumming so faster and looking at the watch hundreds time until i reach school had a trauma time. And finally ended up at the school gate just 1 minute after closing the gate at 7.30.
Too much for a day. :(

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  1. Small childrens don't lie.. even if they lie any one can recognize when they lie.. they are such innocent.. So to the point.. My little one is 6 years and according to her I am the best mother one could ever have and she nicely reason out logically why is that as well comparing what she learns, hears and sees. So even if I hate my self some times.. looks like i am still good!!! ;)