Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Green Roti..Sounds scary ...?

I had a sort of a big Karapincha tree in my back yard. And one day Suhi was playing and making a scare crow that she saw in her grade 1 sinhala reading book. For the scare crow's hands she needed some sticks and wanted me to cut the sticks from the karapincha tree. I was happy on her idea of making a scarecrow than wasting time in front of the laptop watching movies.So I cut the small branches to give the sticks to make hands of the scare crow.
She made a nice scare crow with a broken broom stick, Karapincha stick,card board box and an old pijama bottom.
One strange thing is that the squirrels and birds who usually coming to our back yard earlier didn't come after the scare crow.
So then after cutting the karapincha sticks i end up having a big bowl of Karapincha leaves.
What shall i do with this? Keep it in the fridge and use ? Why should I? When I can use the freshest leaves handpicked from the tree.
So then my inner interest of experimenting with food came out.And it came out nice, yummy and Healthy. You try it for yourself and guaranteed it is worth!

Karapincha Roti:
  3 cups of flour
  3 cups of karapincha leaves
  1.5 cup of scraped coconut
  1/2 tea spoon of salt
  1 cup of onions chopped
  1 green chille chopped
  2 cloves of garlic chopped

1. )Put the karapincha leaves, red onion, garlic, green chile in the food chopper and switch on the blender for few seconds
2.)Now mix the flour, salt, scraped coconut
3.) Add the chopped mixture with the flour mixture and make a non sticky dough
If its too dry add a little water. If its sticky and watery add a litttle flour.
4.) Use a rolling pin and roll it on a board.
Cut different shapes as you like
5.) Heat a pan and sprinkle some oil
when the pan is hot add the roti and cook both sides for 2-3 minutes(Until you get the full surface light brown)

Ready to eat, Serve hot!!
See how it came out mine.

Karapincha a is a very healthy herb that helps your body metabolism, reduce cholesterol. With this recipe you consume a large portion of Karapincha without any difficulty.

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