Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Best 10 islands to visit worldwide... Amazing!!

As a senior contributor in I am getting amazing news about the whole world. I get a chance to answer the questions raised by other end of the world and review the places I visit or eat and share the good and bad experiences hoping it would help many people like me. It has become a habit for me to read the reviews in Tripadviser before trying out a new restarunt or a hotel or even a place.  I am  planning a trip to Dubai next and gathered a lot of information from there.. Am I sound like too conservative and too much of trying to be perfect or get perfect... Well answer is No and i am not that sorta person before and even now. But I have to now as i dont want to ruin a family time with my little girl.

Coming back to what i wanted to tell.....So today morning i saw this link sent to me from TripAdviser on the " World best top 10 islands must see"
And i went through each one by one and looking at the breathtaking pictures of those islands thinking to myself that one fine day when I become really really rich i am going to go at least one of these..
I scroll down 1, after the other and here comes the surprise...

Sri Lanka Photos

This photo of Sri Lanka is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Sri Lanka at number 6... Amazing and I born there and live there...
Is n't it amazing. I dont need to wait until i become a grandma and earn money to visit one of those islands i thought before. Its awesome I am living here.

Proud to be Sri Lankan!!!!

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